The “TOGETHER” Project.

Article by Pearl Odigwe.

(3 mins read).

Migration and Migration Alignment (MAMA) is now an Associated partner of the “Together” project that aims to engage and include the participation of more refugees in higher education. A brief summary about the project is highlighted below:

Institutions at EU level and networks and associations of universities have studied the main questions related to the possibility of building more inclusive HE institutions by favouring the enrolment of refugees and migrants with international protection status.

The project identifies two main specific objectives:

  • Developing social responsibility of Higher Education students providing them with intercultural and civic competences and raising their awareness on integration of refugees
  • Raising awareness of Higher Education staff providing specific instruments, knowledge and skills for a more inclusive Higher education environment

Target Groups
The project is addressed to:
– University Staff
– University Students
– Refugees

The partnership adopts the term refugees and other beneficiaries of international protection and it states that the expression allows maintaining a specific reference to refugees, while also using an expression commonly used in EU law, as to refer to other people who were granted international protection – other beneficiaries of international protection.

Expected Results
The main project results include:
1. A Refugees Welcome Map identifying the integration activities carried out investigating regulatory measures undertaken directly by universities.
2. An e-learning package providing University students with the skills to develop their potential civic role in promoting integration of refugees
3. A set of Guidelines addressed to Higher education staff resulting in the improvement of their capacity of planning and implementing strategies for the integration of refugees.

For more information on the project, please visit:

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