MAMA – Migration and Migration Alignment

MAMA works to support migrants, refugees and asylum seekers as they integrate into foreign communities in Milan, Italy. Through MAMA themes and initiatives the Association creates learning experiences, social events and volunteer activities promoting existing opportunities and resources throughout Milan to connect migrants with their host communities.


The impact of conducting MAMA activities include:

● Access to more opportunities for migrants/minorities and by extension their communities in Europe.

● Improving economic conditions by providing succinct information and awareness for target group.

● Fostering entrepreneurial capabilities.

● Creating an avenue for more collaboration and social interaction.

● Cultural exchanges, mobilities and connections in different EU countries while developing the spirit of volunteerism.

● Being in a position of personal and career development to share experiences with peers through empowerment initiatives and workshops.

● Promoting inclusive practices for migrants/minorities which creates an atmosphere for better interaction and communication with their host communities.


I have seen and been a witness to a lot of “razzismo”. The difficulty many blacks, especially African people face when they come here is not having valid documents. Even when they do have a good story that should warrant their asylum seeking status in the country, I feel discrimination and marginalisation plays a major role in the refusal of these documents to migrants coming from Africa.

― Fati, 27, Guinea Bissau.

As a migrant in Italy, it can be somewhat identity challenging. On one hand, you’re either too African to fit into the Italian mentality, on the other hand, is a daily struggle to stay true to your cultural core values. Nevertheless, in my opinion, Italy gives a lot to migrants, but not the total freedom of self-expression or ability to explore their hidden talents.

― Sharon, 25, Nigeria.


  • Social Affirmation through Non-Formal Education
  • Project May I?
  • Frontliners Project
  • Eataly with Migrants
  • Social Inclusion of the Marginalized through Social Entrepreneurship – (SIMSE)
  • Accountability Partnership
  • Refugee Access to Education Campaign
  • IASC Guidelines Roll-Out and Humanitarian Project

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Since the Association started its activities in 2020.

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About Us

Migration and Migration Alignment (MAMA) is an Association which caters to migrants/minorities needs inclusive of youths who lack access to information, knowledge, and opportunities that will enable them to be economically independent, contribute to society, and even more importantly, integrate into their new environments properly. Integrative strategies, methods and approaches for this demographic through theme activities are developed to foster these aims and objectives.


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