We are an Asociation passionate about migrant need and challenges!

Migration and Migration Alignment (MAMA) is an Association which caters to migrants/minorities needs inclusive of youths who lack access to information, knowledge, and opportunities that will enable them to be economically independent, contribute to society, and even more importantly, integrate into their new environments properly. Integrative strategies, methods and approaches for this demographic through theme activities are developed to foster these aims and objectives.

The MAMA team develops themes, methods/approaches to reach its target audience which are highlighted below:

MAMA – Learning: Activities surrounding this theme for a period aims to help migrants/minorities and youths get more familiar with the environment they are resident in by providing them with knowledge, information, and support that is crucial for personal and career development.

MAMA – Sharing: ​Provides a space/avenue to show support and provide resources through social/charity events that cater to the basic needs of the target group. Activities surrounding this theme is basically to share with target group tangible materials or resources that will improve everyday living in some way.

MAMA – Volunteering: The purpose of the activities conducted here is to foster more volunteering practices especially among youths who study, or people that make up the target group without employment. This also promotes the spirit of volunteerism and willingness to actively contribute to one’s society through good practices.

MAMA – Inclusive: Organised activities with the intent of bringing the target group in close proximity with their host communities through sports, entertainment, arts, and cultural presentations carried out by the target audience.

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