“Social Inclusion of the Marginalized through Social Entrepreneurship” – (SIMSE).

From the 8th to 17th of December, we had a total of 36 participants spanning 6 organisations from Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Serbia and Spain be hosted by Migration and Migration Alignment in Milan, Italy for our first Erasmus+ youth exchange.

The SIMSE youth exchange was an opportunity to gather young people across Europe to share and exchange ideas on challenges as well as pathways for marginalized youth. The COVID 19 pandemic caused large layoffs and left many young people out of work. A huge number of young people who studied and worked at the same time faced problems and forced to cope with a new reality. This resulted in marginalized youth categories left behind without activities to engage in or sustainable income for survival. This crisis caused a number of key considerations such as online work engagement, online job search, digital activity and so on.

Marginalized young people need more support through social entrepreneurship and these activities can be realized with the support of the non-governmental sector through non-formal education. The objective of this exchange in Milan was to envision how non-formal learning entities could increase opportunities of support for young people in the labour market and offer methods to combat discrimination and hate speech. Marginalized youth will then be able to improve their competencies, but also be well engaged in the society at the end of the project’s conducted activities.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated as well as our project partners – Walk Together, Acpelia, Meraki, Navissos and Arrabal.

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