The Fight for Racial Justice.

Article by Yagmur T.

(5 mins read).

As members of the world, we all are equally valuable.  However, the idea of racism makes it very difficult to see it. This is why if we wish to build fair and loving societies, we must stop the suffering caused by racism. 

To start with the definition of race would be necessary at this point. Race is a socially constructed system for dividing humans based on their observable physical characteristics such as skin color and ancestry. Even though there is no scientific basis for racial classifications, unfortunately, the concept is accepted by so many people and used as a source of discrimination and domination. This discrimination and domination can be seen in many areas of life such as workplaces, government agencies, and social services. The discrimination based on racial inequity in institutions is known as institutional racism. It can take the shape of discriminatory policies and practices, as well as inequitable changes and outcomes.

However, the term “racial justice”, often known as racial equity, refers more to the fair treatment of persons of all races in a systematic way that results in equal opportunities and outcomes for all. It is the presence of deliberate mechanisms and supports to attain and preserve racial equity by proactive and preventative measures as well as the absence of discrimination and inequities. In other words, it is the concept which supports the idea that everyone can reach their greatest potential in life regardless of race, ethnicity, or the place in which they live. It aims to ensure that everyone has access to the same opportunities to live full, healthy lives. As we all know around the world, racial discrimination puts people’s lives and well-being in danger. Without tackling racial inequalities, we will never be able to end these problems and also poverty. This is why we must aim to decrease inequalities and guarantee that everyone has the chance to reach their full potential.

Unfortunately, racism has spread to many dimensions of life such as education, employment, health care, renting a place, applying for a loan, and so on which make it more difficult for certain people to have the same life chances as others. Fighting against institutionalized racism would be a good start for paving the way for racial justice. It is highly important to make sure that everyone is treated equally in the justice system, in financial services, health care, and education. For instance, institutional racism is represented by a school system. Statistics show that many people of color go to the most overcrowded and under-resourced schools with the least competent teachers in comparison to others, which shows the inequality in educational opportunities.

Another example can be given regarding environmental justice as a part of racial justice. Pollution and climate change affect everyone, but those who are poor are particularly affected. It is known that people of color are more likely to live near pollution and be exposed to pollutants due to the lack of economical resources. Besides educational and environmental disparities, healthcare disparities are also essential to tackle challenges surrounding racial justice. For instance, the infant mortality rate in black communities is way higher than the rate for white communities, and also blacks have far higher death rates from cancer and many other diseases. This is why healthcare services for people of color must urgently be improved to provide racial justice.Economic justice is another important aim to be reached. In many European countries rates of white people living in poverty is remarkably lower than the people of color living in poverty. Also, it is known that people of color may face racism in the process of getting a job as well as getting a loan from a bank and financing their businesses. This is why donating money to organizations, especially the ones led by people of color who are doing the work on the ground would be useful as well as supporting people of color-owned businesses by investing or shopping from them.

Some things must change at an institutional level to fight racism and reach racial justice such as preventing institutional racism, as well as individual undertakings like supporting people of color-owned businesses or, donating money to organizations that aim to fight racism and discrimination and provide equal life chances for all people regardless of their background. 

As an organisation, we aim to increase the life opportunities of migrants and minorities to enable them to be economically independent and have the life that they deserve. If you would like to be part of our aim in fighting against  racial justice, you can support us by being a volunteer or through donations. For more information, you can visit the “donations” section of our website or contact us directly.

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