Solidarity in the time of COVID-19.

Article by Pearl Odigwe.

(3 mins read).

COVID-19 may be upon us, but here are some ways to show solidarity in your communities:

WIFI SHARING: Most people need internet connection for updates, social interaction, online lessons even promoting businesses etc. In your compound or apartment, you can put up a piece of paper in a visible area with the username/password of your WIFI to enable others in your apartment/neighborhood to connect. To protect your security and privacy, you can use a VPN or instead put up your email/phone number to assess requests of those who ask to use your WIFI connection.

GROCERY SUPPLIES: You may be aware of people who due to varying circumstances will not be able to run errands or get grocery supplies. You can show solidarity by offering to help these vulnerable people with your services by going personally to shops for them, or leaving your contact information both online and offline for reaching out.

DONATIONS: It is possible to make donations to initiatives hosted by the government or in your communities. Better still, finding NGO’s around your neighborhood who are part of providing relief services for the COVID-19 efforts and donating to their causes. For your own part, you can source for contributions too, create hampers/containers with basic food items and place them in strategic spots for those who are economically handicapped.

BE ON THE LOOKOUT: There are many other communities and neighborhoods who need help so make sure to be on the lookout. The ability to share and exchange information in the different areas or districts, prevent the spread of false narratives, providing tangible resources that could help individuals or groups resident in these places cannot be overlooked.

BE ACTIVE AND ENERGETIC: It is expected that lots of people will go through so many emotions from anger, depression, anxiety, and even loneliness. Try and engage in something worthwhile online while you are at home, speaking with a friend or health professional could also keep at a low level these mood swings.

ORGANISE ACTIVITIES: It is true that going out is quite limited, but you can organise virtual activities that range from remote working, exercise classes, DIY classes, educational services, religious meetups, information sharing etc. All of these will go a long way in keeping spirits up, empowering and invigorating individuals residing anywhere in the world.

Goodluck and share your experiences!

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